Chicken Token - The Cryptocurrency for The Digital Economy

Optimize money transfers, lowest cost payments, high security and fast, based on Blockchain platform.

The application of Chicken Token

Originating from the need of paying for online ads, Chicken Token is capable of applying to multiple fields in the Digital Economy with 3 main functions as follows:


Chicken Token is accepted for advertising payment at Ola City and its ecosystem partners such as e-commerce, games, education, investment...


By using Chicken Token, cross-border money transfers are made in an extremely safe, fast with low-cost transactions when are needed.

Chicken Token Staking

Store OLA in the wallet to receive stacking interest up to 10% per year, helping users increase their assets quickly and sustainably.

The benefits of using Chicken Token.

Lowest Cost

We use blockchain technology to remove the unnecessary fee-charging intermediators between the businesses, advertisers and users.

High Secure

We have experience building systems to the highest security standards base-on blockchain platform and strive to ensure security first.


All information is transparent and can be verified on the blockchain. Businesses and advertises can monitor the figures and reports online in real time.

Convenient payment

Chicken Token allows for instant paymentsthat serves any business in the world and targets any population in the world, without and cross border.

The Chicken Token

CHI is cryptocurrency used as the payment method by default on the Chicken platform. The total supply of CHI will be 100,000,000,000 CHI. Token distribution is from four wallets as follows:

80% for Service Sale

80 fund (or 80 billion CHI) for service sales will be locked and released quarterly over 10 years, and allocate 2% per quarter.

9% for Team Members

The fund is worth 9 billion CHI will be locked and evenly distributed over 3 years.

9% for Partners & Advisors

Wallet for partners and advisors with a total amount of 9 billion CHI will be locked and distributed evenly over 3 years

2% for Bounty & Bonus

We allocate 2% of the fund (equivalent to 2 billion CHI) for the Bounty campaign as well as other bonus programs.

With CHI, you can pay online for anything you need and pay offline for wherever you go, safely, quickly and cost-effectively.